Producing high quality valves requires accuracy in each step of the process, from design to delivery. Detailed planning, precise machining, strict control mechanisms are all structured according to the principles of ISO management.

Inhouse design with a high degree of automatization is core to our operative response times. The basic design work is done in 3D. After this, the 3D models are tested for media pressure and risk of cavitation. The last step before serial production is making a sample that is pressure tested at conditions as close as possible to our customer’s.

Forging, castings and other components

We purchase forgings, castings and other components exclusively from certified suppliers. Each purchased item is accompanied by a producer certificate and undergoes inspection at arrival to our factory. This certificate is added to the production documentation for full traceability. In order to minimize delivery times we design the casting tools together with our suppliers and then manufacture the tools ourselves. In addition to this we work closely with our suppliers to develop their technology for maximum supply chain strength.

Mechanical works
At the core of our quality lays precise machining on our CNC equipment. We have waterjet cutting, milling and turning, spherical and cylindric grinding. Our skilled machine operators, all with technical education, guarantee a high, stable output level.
Only parts that have been cleared by our internal quality department are allowed in the assembly area. The assembly work follows a strict procedure, transforming the individual parts into a finished valve.
Paint is applied on clean and well-prepared surfaces to assure the best possible protection of the valve. The choice of paint is made according to our customer’s specific work conditions.

Quality control

Every valve is pressure tested according to the chosen manufacturing standard and also temperature testing if requested. Each valve has its own identification number which is linked to all used raw materials and components for full traceability. All information regarding the valve parts’ chemical composition and mechanical properties are listed in the product passport supplied together with the valve.

We employ European technologies, machine equipment and management approach in combination with local resources and have extensive experience in developing products for a specific type of production.

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