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Our long-term goal is to produce high quality valves in Russia using local resources in the form of qualified personnel, raw materials and innovative technologies. We have active cooperation with various universities institutes, for example within additive manufacturing and nano-technology. In order to shorten delivery times and lower prices we have an ongoing joint improvement program with local components and raw material suppliers including joint investment in technology and machine equipment. We have established business relationships with a large number of customers, leaders within their respective industries. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and look forward to rewarding projects both with old and new customers.

Why are we trusted

Market knowledge

We know our customers’ needs in different industries, such as the metallurgical, gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and high-purity applications.

Local production

Our production is located in Russia. This gives us the possibility offer competitive prices and short delivery times.

High quality

We have efficient management, technologies, and design. Highly skilled personnel and quality raw materials lay at the base of our high product quality.


All machine equipment and premises are our own property. This guarantees long term control over core processes.

Our partners

Creautz products are used by enterprises of metallurgical, petrochemical, gas, pulp and paper, food industries.

We employ European technologies, machine equipment and management approach in combination with local resources and have extensive experience in developing products for a specific type of production.

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